Taking Care of Business in a Gig Economy 60 Min Webinar

Working with Gig Income for HUD and LIHTC Compliance

What is “Gig Income”? Companies like Uber, Lyft, and Upwork are providing workers the ability to earn income on their own terms. This can mean someone driving a few Uber routes a week, taking on a data entry job on Upwork, or full time employment through one of the many freelance sites. This presents challenges for assisted housing compliance, as income may be sporadic, subject to change throughout the year, and include self-employment expenses.

Handling Income From Self-Employment 

Verifying and calculating income from self-employment has always been challenging for HUD, Tax Credit and other assisted housing programs. Income in the Gig Economy is no exception to these challenges In this webinar, Amanda Lee will discuss the requirements on how to determine annual income from self-employment and how to document anticipated income from employment in this new economy.

  • Determining Income from Self-Employment
  • Units being Used for Business
  • Documenting Self-Employment Income (Including for Lyft & Uber Drivers)
  • Review of IRS Tax Forms, (Changed in 2019) 1040 & Schedule C.

Learn to Conquer the Challenges of the Gig Economy

These new sources of income will require new policies and procedures, and a new way of thinking about verifying income. In this session, attendees will receive:

  • A certificate of attendance 
  • A content-rich PDF manual 
  • Interactive webinar training where you can ask questions and participate in knowledge checks 

Taking Care of Business in a Gig Economy 60 Min Webinar

$49.00 / 5 days
Gig Economy Course Handout