New REAC Rules and Preparing for NSPIRE - July 2020 Full Day Workshop


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The New REAC Rules Workshop reviews the fundamentals of REAC Inspections. For starters, the class includes a high-level overview of the UPCS Inspection protocol and REAC Scoring. Additionally, we’ll discuss new HUD Rules and Regulations on scheduling and follow-up on HUD REAC Inspections. Most importantly, we’ll unpack the difference between what rules are in effect now, and which ones are part of future NSPIRE reforms.

This on-demand REAC workshop is a terrific resource for housing managers, maintenance, and executives. Understanding how to succeed on REAC Inspections without stress and anxiety is a key to good HUD compliance. Managers and maintenance staff do not need to become REAC Inspectors – they need to become housing professionals who know how to keep their properties ready for REAC every day. The New REAC Rules Workshop focuses on demystifying the rules and getting everyone on the same page.

HUD NSPIRE Is Much More Than a New Checklist

In 2018, HUD stated that there would be a new direction for REAC – one that places focus on everyday compliance, inspections that are able to accurately portray what the condition of the property is like for residents on an average day, not just after a maintenance fire drill. This new reform has been named “NPSIRE“. At this workshop, we’ll review the outline of NSPIRE, its goals and direction, and what to know about the reforms. Much of the HUD NSPIRE changes are going to be positive for housing professionals, as it will refocus the REAC Inspection process on quality and safety. Most importantly, HUD promises that NSPIRE will be a more consistent and objective process.

Preparing for REAC with 14-day Inspection Notice

How do you prepare your properties for REAC inspections with such a short notice? The new reality is that owners and agents can no longer wait until the last minute to prepare. Now, the rules require everyone to be inspection ready everyday.

  • •Non-Industry Standard Repairs: Understand the requirements for non-industry repairs and how you can best ensure that all repairs meet these standards.
  • •Essential UPCS/REAC Deficiencies: We will review the UPCS Inspection Code and discuss the issues that are most common and typically carry the highest-scoring values.

On-Demand Understanding REAC Inspection Workshop

You can now view a recorded live REAC Workshop from July 2020. You can listen to our trainer, Scott Precourt, provide a full day workshop and interact live with attendees in Geneva, OH, and Brooklyn, NY. Sign up today for the on-demand seminar, and you will receive:

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  • •Five Days to View the Full Recording

$325.00 Per Person

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New REAC Rules and Preparing for NSPIRE - July 2020 Full Day Workshop

$250.00 / 5 days
HANDOUT 2020 Full Day REAC Workshop6x.pdf

HANDOUT 2020 Full Day REAC Workshop6x.pdf