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Conquering LIHTC Compliance:  Compliance Challenges for LIHTC-HOME Properties

Navigating the Maze of Layered Requirements 

The majority of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Projects utilize HOME funds as gap-financing. Must attendees theWhile layering HOME funds with LIHTC is a great way to get a project funded, it can create compliance challenges for compliance professionals and the property staff managing the property. 

To Overcome, We First Understand

To overcome the challenges presented when layering funding, we must first identify and understand the compliance challenges faced. In this two-hour session, Amanda Lee will provide needed information to understand the differences in program regulations and how to maintain compliance with both program's regulations. Topics include the differences in 

  • Income Limits
  • Gross Rent Determination 
  • Allowable Preferences and Restrictions 
  • Determining Household size
  • Student Eligibility Requirements 
  • Verification Requirements
  • Income Determination 
  • Treatment of over-income households 

Learn to Conquer Compliance 

By fully understanding the program compliance requirements, housing professionals are better equipped to ensure that affordable housing is only made available to those that truly need affordable housing based on annual household income while also protecting the project's funding. All attendees will receive: 

  • A certificate of attendance 
  • A content-rich PDF manual 
  • Interactive live webinar training where you can ask questions and participate in knowledge checks and polls

Conquering LIHTC Compliance: Compliance Challenges for LIHTC-HOME Properties

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