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Conquering Fair Housing Compliance - Focus on Assistance Animals

Assistance Animals and Fair Housing 

Animals can play a very important role in assisting persons with disabilities and as part of therapeutic activities and services. Most people are aware of the role of service animals, such as guide dogs, but there are other types of supportive animals that some people may be less familiar with, such as emotional support animals 

Regardless of whether it is a service animal or an emotional support animal, all housing professionals need to be of the requirements related to these types of animals under the Fair Housing Act. 

Reasonable Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals 

Reasonable Accommodation requests for an assistance animal are one of the most common requests received by housing providers. In this live 90-minute webinar, Amanda Lee Gross will walk attendees through a reasonable accommodation process and will answer questions such as:

  • Who is considered disabled under Fair Housing Law? 
  • Who can verify an individual's disability, and when is verification permitted? 
  • What is a reasonable accommodation? 
  • Can a housing provider require that assistance animals be specially trained? 
  • Can a housing provider apply weight or breed limits on assistance animals? 
  • In what circumstances is it permissible to deny a specific assistance animal?
  • Amanda will also review the recently published HUD notice on assistance animals. 

It's the Law, and It's the Right Thing To Do

By understanding the housing providers' obligations of the Fair Housing Act, housing professionals are better equipped to implement policies and procedures that support the principles of the Fair Housing Act and protects the rights of applicant and tenants. 

  • A copy of the presentation to follow along with
  • Interactive webinar training where you can ask questions and participate in knowledge checks 
  • A Certificate of Attendance 

Conquering Fair Housing Compliance - Focus on Assistance Animals

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